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Basic LED TV Repair Chicago customers troubleshooting TV Repair tips for most makes and models

Before calling your TV Repair Service Center for assistance, check the matters below.Make sure you have connected LED TV to your equipment as described in the section "CONNECTING LED TV".


Check cable connection. Verify that all external equipment and power cords are properly connected.


Verify that all power is switched on.


If LED TV still does not produce an image, re-start the external equipment.


If the image still does not appear, unplug LED TV from the external equipment ( cable box etc.) and check the external equipment. The problem may be with your graphics controller rather than with LED TV. (When you reconnect LED TV, remember to turn the external equipment and TV off before you power up LED TV. Power the equipment back on in order of LED TV and external equipment.)

If the problem still exists, check the following chart

LCD TV Repair Problem Try these LED TV Repair Solutions


Plug this LED TV into a know working AC outlet

Press POWER key on side control or on Remote Control to turn on this LED TV.

Check POWER Indicator. If this indicator flashes, this LED TV has power but has other troubles. Call us for TV Repair.
Remote Control does not work Check the batteries.

Make sure nothing is between the Remote Receiver and the Remote Control.

Make sure you are not too far from LED TV when using Remote Control.

Maximum operating range is 16.4'(5m).

Is direct sunlight or strong artificial light shining on LED TV's Infrared Remote Receiver? Eliminate the light by closing curtains, pointing the light in a different direction, etc.

No image











Has Audio


Check the connection between the external equipment and LED TV.

When turning LED TV on, it takes a few seconds to display the image.

Check the system that you select is corresponding with the external equipment or the video equipment.

Make sure the temperature is not out of the Operating Temperature (0 C - 40 C).

Turn off power, then turn on again, re-start LED TV



Turn on power Shine light on the LCD Panel see Image in the background the LEDs are not working. Call Us for more Help




No sound Check Audio cable connection from Audio input source.

Adjust the Sound System.

Press VOLUME (+) button.

Press MUTE button.
There are tiny black points and/or bright point on the TV Dark or bright points of light (red,green, or blue)may appear on the screen. This is a characteristic of the LCD panels, not a malfunction of the LED TV.

LED panel is being produced with very high accuracy technology. There is 99.99% or more dot pixel, but there is also 0.01% or less of dot pixel lack or dot pixel that is constantly lighted. This is not a defect.

Regarding LED panel characteristic, it may occur picture remain (look like a mirror) when the screen is changed if it displays same screen for a long time. Changing the picture or turn-off the power supply it may recover.

Stripe pattern (more, interference stripes) may show up on the screen depend on the reflected picture.
Abnormal color of image Adjust the value of color.

Select different color system.
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