Chicago TV Repair Service
Chicago TV Repair Service

Chicago TV Repair Service

TV Repair Company History


Family started TV repair business in 1965 my uncle a TV Repair Technician, allowed me to work on weekends to help pay college cost.   TVs changed from tubes to transistors in the 1970's and 1980's, we trained many Technicians on the new transistor technology.  Having a hard time hiring qualify techs we started a TV repair electronics training school known as Consumer Electronics Training Center (CETC).  In 1992 we were the guest of the City Counsel where we awarded the  Honorable Richard J. Daley, mayor of Chicago, an Honorary Electronics Diploma.  Between 1985 through 1997 we graduated 2,000 students.   Still while operating the school we remained in the TV repair business.  This experience of training showed us the importance of being well trained ourselves.  We are consultants for technicians, companies and TV repair shops in Illinois.  Our company can deliver complete TV repair at about half the price (wholesale repair cost) of other companies with the same or better quality and professional service of the big guys.


Why Choose Us ?


Audio/Video business licensed


Fully insured


Members of NESDA/ESDA


Factory Trained Technicians


40 years Service experienced


Service most makes, models and sizes


Same day service


Free pickup and delivery 32"-42"


Quick turnaround time


Competitive pricing


Large resources for parts and data


Proper TV repair equipment

Our A plus A  team provides professional TV repairs, and maintenance services for Big-screen, LCD TV, LED TV, DLP TV, 3D and plasma TVs. We also offer screen and display panel replacement, adjustments, module replacements, and diagnostic checks for all modules. Once we locate and replace  the defective components,  your TV will work again.

We have been proudly serving clients in the Chicagoland region since 1972. Additionally, our A team has more than 80 years of combined experience in the TV repair industry. Call our A Team  at (773) 455-3406 to schedule an in-home consultation or service repair.

Call our A Team the TV Technicians in Chicago, IL , at (773) 455-3406 or 773 436 2106

to schedule an appointment

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