Chicago TV Repair Service
Chicago TV Repair Service

Chicago TV Repair Service

The Number 1 TV Repair problem is broken or cracked screens.  7 out of 8 LCD TV Repair  calls are about cracked screens or display panels.


In this TV Repair request there are two (2) major display screens.  LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) display panel for LCD TV's and PDP (Plasma Display Panel) for plasma TV's.


In our 50 years of TV Repair experience in Chicago, we have discovered that customers fall in love with  their TVs and believe their TVs are always repairable. This is NOT TRUE


Some TVs are too old for TV Repair; Some TVs are not cost effective for TV Repair; Some TVs parts are No Longer Available (NLA) for TV Repair. During the diagnosis or intake

of the TV we will advise the customer if the TV is worth TV Repair. However we respect the customer decision and repair the TV if possible.


How to determine what TV display panel should be replaced?  The problem in TV Repair panel replacement is the cost, labor and parts.  Our TV Repair Panel Replacement Program has solved the TV Repair Labor cost.  Our labor for this TV Repair problem is $125.00 for 90% of the TV Repairs.


Next determination is the size of your TV.  If your TV is 47" or under the TV Repair of these sets are not worth TV Repair. (Few exceptions) 


Next determination the Brand or Manufacture; some manufactures or brands don't have replacement panels; some maufactures are too expensive compare to a new TV from them or a different manufacture or brand. Customers are more loyal to cost then brand, Big Mistake.


Next determination is the cost if you paid near $600.00 dollars or less, any size this TV is not worth TV Repair replacement panel.


Next determination if your TV set is more than 3 years old and you paid less than $900.00 dollars for it, it's not worth TV Repair replacement panel.


The GOOD NEWS about panel replacement is when you replace the panel in most TV's you are replacing 2/3 of the hardest working and most expensive circuit in the TV that is included in the cost of the panel.  And we offer extended warranty on the parts replaced in the TV. The final result you have a refurbished TV with a warranty. Call us

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